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«International Neurosurgery Centre» - is the first private non-for-profit neurosurgical clinic in Ukraine. It was founded by Ukrainian neurosurgeon Igor Kurilets in 2001.

Our aim – to utilise up to date world technology in neurosurgery and orthopaedics in medical care in Ukraine.

In the treatment of our patients we utilise well tested and the most effective methods, which are classified & reputed throughout the world as “gold standards”. In the assessment of our results we promote the principles of evidentiary medicine. It is here, for the first time in the countries of the CIS, that we have introduced into practice more than 30 new neurosurgical technologies, which has maximised our results much closer to European Union standards. Specifically, “the International Neurosurgery Centre” is the pioneer of such methods in Ukraine. These include: microsurgery operating a medical microscope, neuroendoscopy, neuronavigation, operative treatment of the bent spinal column, and many more.

There are many highly qualified Doctors at the clinic. They regularly undertake professional development training at leading clinics within the European Union, the USA, and Canada. In difficult cases we consult with collaborating clinics in Great Britain, USA, Canada, Spain and Poland.

“The International Neurosurgery Centre” was the first Ukrainian clinic which initiated the legalisation of medical services in the area of neurosurgery and battled the unnecessary and poor results of surgical interference. The clinic is outfitted with similarly essential neurosurgical equipment to that in other European clinics, such as: surgical microscopes, respiratory anaesthetics, x-rays, ultra sound, endoscopy, navigational and other apparatus of leading world manufacturers, such as: Ìådtrîn³ñ, S³åmåns, Stryker, Zeiss, Ñîdmàn, Aesculap, Datex, Åshmànn, Ohmeda, Shmitz, Olympus, Sorin Group, Hitachi.

On an annual basis the clinic treats almost 5000 patients. The centre promotes the principles of accessibility to modern neurosurgical services to the broad population. For those least able to afford our services we have access to philanthropic funds.